combining lease files

project722 project722 at
Wed Aug 29 12:28:27 UTC 2018

Hey All,

We are consolidating all subnets on server B and moving to an exisitng
failover pair we have, In order to decom server B. I'll need to take the
leases file from server B and combine whats there with the leases file on
both servers in the failover pair. (doing this to make the failover pair
aware of what leases are already out there that were assigned by server B)

I'm thinking just a simple cat on both files should be fine to combine the
data. And, all 3 servers are running the same verison of dhcp (
and RHEL so I don't expect and formatting problems.

However, since failover pairs have more transitional states with the
"binding state" variable, is it possible I will run into any issues doing
this? Is there a better, more preferred way of doing this instead of
merging the leases file?
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