Questions about dhcpd.leases file

Klemen Sladic gosturnca at
Mon Feb 12 21:09:41 UTC 2018


I have a script parsing dhcpd.leases file and would like to ask few

1. What is the difference between dhcpd.leases and dhcpd.leases~ files?
2. My dhcpd.leases parsing script is executed on commit, like:

subnet netmask
   interface "eth0";
   option routers;
   on commit {

Can I assume that dhcpd.leases has already been updated with latest lease
when my script is executed?

3. Is a new lease always appended at the end of dhcpd.leases file?
4. On renew is a new lease block always added at the end or is existing
block updated?

Thank you very much for your comments.

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