Log Statement: How to log offered Lease Time?

iftech at skynet.be iftech at skynet.be
Thu Jan 18 07:52:25 UTC 2018


I am trying to log the Leasetime provided in the OFFER or ACK basically by using for instance 

log (info, concat (" test1:", pick-first-value(binary-to-ascii(10,32,"",option dhcp-lease-time), "(none)")));

but without success.

It looks like we cannot log info from an OFFER or an ACK ?

When using this

log ( info, concat( "MSGTYPE", binary-to-ascii (16,8,"^", option dhcp-message-type)));

I only see MSGTYPE1 or MSGTYPE3   never 2 and 4

is it possible to log info from an OFFER or an ACK ?

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