No subnet declaration; Can't open /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases for append

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Sun Jan 28 09:26:56 UTC 2018

A <publicface at> wrote:

> I meant to include the current /etc/network/interfaces.  Below.

> auto enp4s5
> allow-hotplug enp4s5 
> iface enp4s5 inet manuel
>     gateway
>     network
>     netmask 
>     broadcast
>     # Before we can change the address we have to bring the face down
>     pre-up ip link set enp4s5 down
> # I don't know if I can use two ups.  I don't know the right way to do this.
>     up ip address dev enp4s5
>     up ip link set enp4s5 up
>     down ip link set enp4s5 down

Where on earth has this come from, it's an extremely unusual setup. By the way, it should be manual not manuel.

> allow-hotplug wlp2s0 
> iface wlp2s0 inet manuel
>     gateway
>     network
>     netmask 
>     broadcast

> auto br0
> iface br0 inet static
>     address
>     network
>     netmask
>     broadcast
>     bridge-ports enp4s5 wlp2s0

I would suggest trying this :

auto enp4s5
iface enp4s5 inet manual

auto wlp2s0 
iface wlp2s0 inet manual
(add wifi settings here)

auto br0
iface br0 inet static
    bridge-ports enp4s5 wlp2s0

That on it's own should give you a working setup with your wired and wireless bridged. You then use br0 for your networking. The bridge code takes care of tracking which devices are on which bridge port.

Not that there is no default gateway here - it would be pointing to itself. The default gateway will be set when you WAN interface is up and will point to your ISP's router.

However, I'm still not sure exactly how dhcpd will work in this setup as it's not a config I've used.

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