No subnet declaration; Can't open /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases for append

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Sun Jan 28 20:28:50 UTC 2018

A <publicface at> wrote:

> I've never setup a bridge before and got the syntax for brctl wrong and that's what caused the config you saw.  I thought I was telling it to bridge wired & wireless faces, when apparently it was doing something else without telling me so.  I was doing: brctl addif br0 enp4s5 wlp2s0 which I thought linked the two faces.  It apparently added the enp4s5 and ignored the wlp2s0.
> Once I finally realized that yesterday and corrected the syntax it will not add the wireless interface as a port. 
> # brctl addif br0 wlp2s0 
> can't add wlp2s0 to bridge br0: Operation not supported
> ...
> That's after changing "manuel" to "manual" just in case that was a relevant issue.
> Therefore as I can't add the wireless face as a port, I'm unable to bridge using brctl from the bridge-utils package.  So unless there is another virtual bridge package, bridging won't work.  Unless of course I'm still doing it wrong which is always a possibility.

After a quick search, I came across these :
> Just like you can bridge two wired ethernet interfaces, you can bridge between an ethernet interface and a wireless interface. However, most Access Points (APs) will reject frames that have a source address that didn’t authenticate with the AP ...

Note that as you are operating in access point mode, you do NOT need to do all the ebtables stuff it then carries on to describe.

And then :
> To add a wireless interface to a bridge, you first have to assign the wireless interface to an access point or start an access point with hostapd. Otherwise the wireless interface will not be added to the bridge.

So this seems to imply that the wireless interface must be up and configured BEFORE it can be added to the bridge.

Next test is to make sure hostapd is running, and then see if the wireless interface can be added. Both these pages are clear that a wireless NIC can be added to a bridge.

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