Aw: Re: Re: ISC dhcp assigns ip addresses outside dynamic range

Frank Ulherr dhcp at
Fri Jul 6 17:21:27 UTC 2018


> Am 06.07.2018 um 15:22 schrieb perl-list <perl-list at>:
> I realize that this is possible, but it won't be passed to the failover peer in such a case.  You have to use OMAPI to add it to both servers. It seems that this lease was handed out dynamically due to the log line about difficulty passing it to the failover peer.

The primary dhcp hands out an ip address, which is not in its dynamic range. Then it sends this information to the secondary dhcp, which complains.
That is weird, because that is one of the primary purpose of a dhcp: Hand out ips correctly.

> 'Jul  5 13:14:35 a-rl-dhcp1 dhcpd[20145]: bind update on from dhcp-failover rejected: unknown IP address'
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