Recommendation for redundancy

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Tue Mar 6 22:34:51 UTC 2018

My suggestion may also work if you have a centralized leases database, which both servers query (directly or via Radius) to assign addresses.

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 > > If you make use of DHCP Relay or can implement it, you could get the servers failover by VRRP, IP SLA, OSPF, etc. 
 > > The DHCP Relay would query a DHCP Server IP address that would automatically point to secondary server in case of primary going down. 
 > The problem with that is that unless you use the failover protocol then you cannot easily have a seamless handover - this is NOT a stateless server like a web server serving static pages. The standby server must AT ALL TIMES have a completer and up to date copy of what the master server has - that is not easy to do without using failover. If the backup server does not have a complete and accurate copy of the primary server's lease database then you will suffer from one or more potentially serious problems. 
 > Once you use failover to manage syncing the leases to the backup, then you might as well just use failover to manage availability. 
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