Option 43 and missing options

Ryan Gray ryantgray at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 18:45:51 UTC 2018


I'm running DHCP Server 4.3.3. I have implemented option 43 to hand out the
URI of a tr069 server in the network.

It works. However, when I am successfully giving a lease with option 43
added, I am not getting options 3, 6, and 28. The lines I'm adding to my
subnet statement are:

shared-network Internet {

    subnet xx.xxx.xxx.0 netmask {

        append dhcp-parameter-request-list 43;

        option vendor-encapsulated-options

        option routers xx.xxx.xxx.254;

        option broadcast-address xx.xxx.xxx.255;

        range xx.xxx.xxx.50 xx.xxx.xxx.254;


A dhcpdump of a lease offer with option 43 (notice it's just plain missing
the routers, dns resolvers, and broadcast options.

TIME: 2018-09-06 14:17:07.608

    IP: (52:54:0:a:38:bd) > xx.xxx.xxx.xx (60:9c:9f:c2:b7:d0)


HTYPE: 1 (Ethernet)

  HLEN: 6

  HOPS: 1

   XID: c5a26e05

  SECS: 0



YIADDR: xx.xxx.xxx.xx


GIADDR: xx.xxx.xxx.xx

CHADDR: d8:b6:b7:e2:c4:3a:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00



OPTION:  53 (  1) DHCP message type         2 (DHCPOFFER)

OPTION:  54 (  4) Server identifier

OPTION:  51 (  4) IP address leasetime      84228 (23h23m48s)

OPTION:  43 ( 35) Vendor specific info      0121687474703a2f .!http:/

                                            xxx6696e65706f69 /some

                                            xxx42e737761797a address

                                            xxx52e636f6d3a38 path:8

                                            xxx835           085

OPTION:   1 (  4) Subnet mask     

OPTION:  82 ( 36) Relay Agent Information

                  Circuit-ID    00:04:00:04:11:30

                  Remote-ID     00:06:60:9c:9f:c2:b7:d0

                  Experimental Ethernet

If I remove the "append dhcp-parameter-request-list" and the "option
vendor-encapsulated-options" lines, I get a complete lease and all is
well...unless I need option 43 to be sent....which of course I do.

I've tried moving those two lines to be underneath the "range" line
(reaching, I know), to no avail.

Has anyone experienced this before?


Ryan Gray
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