Are global directives needed in additional dhcpd conf files?

Thomas Markwalder tmark at
Mon Sep 10 14:10:55 UTC 2018

You may test parse a dhcpd config file by using the command line options:

        -t     Test the configuration file.  The server tests the 
               file  for  correct  syntax,  but will not attempt to 
perform any
               network operations.  This can be used to test a new  
               tion file automatically before installing it.

        -T     Test  the  lease file.  The server tests the lease file 
for cor‐
               rect syntax, but will not attempt to perform any network  
               tions.  In addition to reading the lease file it will 
also write
               the leases to a temporary lease file.  The  current 
lease  file
               will  not  be  modified  and  the  temporary  lease file 
will be
               removed upon completion of the test. This can be used to 
test  a
               new lease file automatically before installing it.

In either case dhcpd will attempt to parse the file(s) and then exit.  
Any errors
will be logged.


Thomas Markwalder
ISC Software Engineering

On 09/10/2018 10:07 AM, Peter Rathlev wrote:
> On Mon, 2018-08-20 at 14:31 -0400, Bob Harold wrote:
>> That brings to mind a question - for DNS (BIND) I can use "named-
>> checkconf -p" to print out a 'named.conf' file that has all the
>> 'includes' processed, and comes out as one big file, so I can verify
>> that it is actually getting what I expected.
>> Is there an equivalent of "named-checkconf -p" for dhcpd ?
> I'm not aware of any built in, but we wrote a small shell script that
> recursively parses the configuration and dumps with line numbers in the
> order things are included.
> It's probably not the most efficient but for our current ~10000 line
> configuration it's good enough, about half a second on our servers.
> If you need the configuration without file names and line numbers then
> just replace "-n" with "-h" in the grep command.

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