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Ok, Thank you, I'v fixed adding only allow members of.
Can I set subclass "name" MAC in DB and dhcpd.conf see details from db?
Can I mail me when new MAC of specific class ask an IP?
Thank you
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 If memory serves, allow creates an implicit deny such that if you allow members of laptops and desktops all others are denied...  similarly, if you deny members of desktops, all others are allowed?  That's what I remember, anyway.

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subnet yyyyyyyyy netmask {
pool {
    range yyyyyyy yyyyyyyy;
    allow members of "laptops";
    allow members of "desktops";
    deny members of "mobile";
    deny members of "deny";

Do be very careful when using allow AND deny in the same context. This is likely to produce results that are not what you might think they should be.

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