DHCP Lease testing

Surya Teja suryateja042 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 29 09:35:08 UTC 2019


I am trying to test the lease flow of ISC DHCP server configured on my
local network setup, I have used the dhtest tool
Ref Link: https://github.com/saravana815/dhtest
In this it says we can test lease by running the command
*./dhtest  **-m e4:b2:fb:d5:32:53* *-i eth0 -S -V*
It worked (for the specified mac it gave lease) but I want to test the flow
with options. DHCP client asking for the specific options like 2,3,6,9. But
dhtest tool does not have an option to specify the options, Do we have any
other tool to test the ISC DHCP server with virtual clients asking the
specified options or any reference links.
 Any help can be appreciated.Thanks in advance.

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