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We have a system that has 25 thousand+ fixed addresses. There are no issues with it. 200 should be absolutely no problem on a low end modern server (somewhat recent (~2008) xeon or equivalent + 4GB RAM) as we are serving the 25 thousand+ off of this type of server. 

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> On 22 Feb 2019, at 8:57, a-plant wrote:

> > I have a problem: I have to list about 200 hosts with a fixed IP
> > address.
> > Are there any limitations on the number of hosts that can be listed
> > with the "fixed-address" clause?

> Practically, no.

> Strictly, everything is limited by available system resources.

> I have a fuzzy memory of a stage in migrating from BOOTP to DHCP
> before introducing the use of pools, when there were thousands
> of fixed-address host declarations in the configuration.

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