Migrating subnets between failover peers

Andrew Bell andrew at poscomp.ca
Sat Jul 6 17:49:50 UTC 2019

Hello all;

This is my scenario.

I have a legacy server, server A, which holds all of my wired subnets
(around 200).  I also have a new set of servers, B and C, which hold my
wireless subnets and are configured for failover.

What I would like to do is migrate all of the wired subnets from server A to
servers B&C.  I think this will work...

Create a failover peer relationship between A&B.
Add all subnets from A to B.
Update pools on A&B to use failover.
Update routers to point to both A&B.
Wait a while (days?)
Add all wired subnets to C (including failover)
Update pools on B to use B/C failover peer
Change routers to point to B&C
Shutdown A

Does this plan make sense?


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