handle duplicate client identifier

Stefan Düring duering at zib.de
Fri Jun 14 06:34:53 UTC 2019


I'm running isc-dhcpd-4.1-ESV-R and encounter problems with Ubuntu 18.04 

These clients have of course different MAC addresses. But because they 
were cloned from a single image, they own all the same machine-id which 
used for the "client-identifier" that is sent to the dhcp server.

The server should assign the ips dynamically but it assigns the same ip 
address to every client due to the identical "client-identiier".

Ok, it should be possible, and maybe the best way, to make the 
machine-id unique on every client. But my question is, if there is a way 
to prevent the server to use the client-identifier as a key instead of 
MAC address ?


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