multiple addresses due to multiple prefixes?

Brian J. Murrell brian at
Sat Mar 2 18:15:35 UTC 2019

[ I already know about dhcpy6d so don't need a plug for it thanks ]

I have multiple IPv6 WAN connections, one for each of 2 ISPs and one HE
tunnel, so 3 altogether.

That means that my LAN has 4 prefixes -- one for each WAN and one ULA

Is the ISC DHCP server able to provide a client with an address in all
4 prefixes when the client requests (an) address(es)?

Surely it must be.  Having at at least 2 prefixes on any LAN connected
to the Internet must be entirely normal since everyone must configure a
ULA so that their LAN is not dependent on their WAN being up to
function (i.e. have IP addresses to communicate with).

So the question is, how does one configure the ISC DHCP server in such
a manner, so that it responds to requests from clients with an address
on every prefix?


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