dhcpd-4.3.6 works only when launched with -f or -d flag

Mariusz Madej m.madej at xtrack.pl
Fri Mar 8 06:33:07 UTC 2019

On 07/03/19 17:34, Sten Carlsen wrote:
> Selinux?

In my case, no.

> On 07/03/2019 14.08, Peter Fischer wrote:
>> I have the exact same problem and I am also using yocto. I think it is not a
>> permission issue, since I tried to give all permissions by setting all the
>> files and dirs to 777 and, in a second test, I ran dhcpd as root and neither
>> test was successful.
>> Additionally I recognized that if I run with '-f', htop shows me 3
>> additional threads.
>> Kind regards,
>> Peter Fischer
I confirm, permissions to 777 and dhcpd as root does not change anything
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