Regarding dhcp server behavior (Simon Hobson)

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Sun Mar 24 09:29:27 UTC 2019

Thanks Simon for your reply.

>  Can't see packets according to dhcpd logs, or can't see packets when using a packet sniffing tool (eg tcpdump or wireshark) ?

I am not able to see packets in dhcpd logs, and can see in tcpdump running on enp0s3. Also not able to see packet if tcpdump running on enp0s8.

>  You can change this by turning off a setting (something related to "use raw packets") and recompiling - then the server will just use the normal IP stack (but won't be able to handle local, ie not relayed, clients).

This solution is not feasible as server is also handling broadcast packets.

>  I suspect that in your case, you just need to change your relay invocation to send packets to - the dhcp server will be listening on this interface and will see the packet.

If I configure as Server IP address in relay, then things are working fine.

If server is running on enp0s3 (, and it receives packet with destination, it should serve that packet ?

In my case it is serving the relay, and sending offer to the client, in this case server behavior is not predictable.


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