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Thanks for the clarification.
As i mentioned in earlier email(when we have 4.2.1-P1 at both server and
client side ), the server is responding correctly(with the configured lease
time) when the system time changes. There was no huge lease offered as well
in the system.

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On Tue, May 14, 2019 at 12:56 AM Simon Hobson <dhcp1 at>

> Murali Krishna <muralikrishch at> wrote:
> > I agree to your comments that rather than the usecase this is a
> testcase.
> OK, basically you are breaking the system and the system responds in a
> correspondingly broken fashion.
> Neither the DHCP protocol nor the server & client are designed to handle
> "time goes backwards by 5 years" - what happens if you do that is undefined.
> If you go to a doctor and say something like "when I do X, it hurts", the
> doctor is likely to suggest that you don't do X.
> In the same manner, my advice would be to stop breaking things by altering
> the clock. Or if you really must alter the clock, stop the DHCP server
> beforehand and keep it stopped until you've reset the clock back to the
> correct time.
> And don't expect correct DHCP operations with the server using a
> self-assigned link-local address.
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