Host definitions in lease file

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Fri Nov 29 22:31:44 UTC 2019

Surya Teja <suryateja042 at> wrote:

> I have the host reservation data in the configuration file and it is working fine, the host is getting the same IP which has been configured in the conf file But I don't see the lease entry of the host IP in the 
> lease files, Does the ISC dhcpd  doesn't store the lease data of the host entries in the lease file?
> if not do we have a way  to get the info of active hosts list from the specified DHCP server?

If you use a host declaration then no lease record is stored. Basically, there's no need since all the information the server needs to service the client is in the host declaration. The server doesn't keep track of these non-leases, and nothing is stored in the leases file.

The server now supports reserved leases. By setting the reserved flag, a lease will be reserved for only that client (so fixed address much like with a host statement & fixed-address statement) - but as it's a "real" lease it goes through the normal lease lifecycle.

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