eth0: not responding (recovering)

Bill Shirley bill at
Sat Oct 5 15:46:17 UTC 2019

Assuming you're referring to DHCP failover, is there any traffic flow on the
port and peer port in the failover stanza?

What is your value for mclt?

Which server, primary or secondary, is giving the recovering message?


On 10/5/2019 9:33 AM, Surya Teja wrote:
> Hi I have an issue in the lease flow with isc dhcp service. In the logs it is printing *eth0: not responding (recovering) *
> My local is set up with active-active mode(splt value as 50-50%) and because of some reason one of the appliance went down for 
> some duration. I observed this and i bring it up, and duration of down is nearly 15hr.
> After i bring it up. I am seeing the logs saying not responding (recovering). Its been more than two hours still I am getting 
> the same logs
> Does any one have any idea about this scenario and how to get the environment stable
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