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Mon Oct 28 08:11:26 UTC 2019

Hi Surya,

It's a server optimisation for when only a small amount of the lease 
time has passed. Rather than go through the whole process to creatge a 
new lease and update the leases file, the server replies with the 
existing lease information and the time remaining. It makes no real 
difference to the client, but for a busy server it can save a lot of I/O 
and processing as the lease file doesn't need to be updated. It's 
probably unrelated to the one-lease-per-client setting.


On 2019-10-28 18:40, Surya Teja wrote:
> Hi
> In the log messages of the dhcpd I see few strange messages like
> reuse_lease: lease age 173843 (secs) under 25% threshold, reply with
> unaltered, existing lease for
>  reuse_lease: lease age 713 (secs) under 25% threshold, reply with
> unaltered, existing lease for
> Does any one has any idea what does this reuse lease means ?
> Just FYI: I have added a statement one-lease-per-client true; to my
> conf recently as i am facing no free lease issues because of roaming
> clients, does this impact the environment and cause problem which
> leading the above log messages?
> Thanks in advance
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