dhcpd 4.4 named ddns and additional event triggers

Rick Dicaire kritek at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 19:15:12 UTC 2020

Hi folks, I'm using dhcp 4.4.1 with named ddns updating.
I'm researching performing additional triggers using event interface.
Older man pages state I cannot configure event statements if I'm using
internal ddns mechanism, however the man page for 4.4.1 just gives a terse
description of events, and makes no mention whatsoever of whether event
statements can be used in conjunction
with internal ddns mechanism:

       There are three kinds of events that can happen regarding a  lease,
 and  it  is  possible  to declare  statements  that  occur when any of
these events happen.  These events are the commit event, when the server
has made a commitment of a certain  lease  to  a  client,  the
 release event, when the client has released the server from its
commitment, and the expiry event, when the commitment expires.

       To declare a set of statements to execute when an event happens, you
must use  the  on  state-ment,  followed  by  the name of the event,
followed by a series of statements to execute when the event happens,
enclosed in braces.

Is it now possible to configure event declarations and still use internal
ddns updating?

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