regarding dhcpv6 option 68

kaushik roy rana.nit at
Thu Jul 16 21:40:34 UTC 2020

Hi ,

I want to configure a dhcpv6 pool, which will assign ip addresses based on
option 68 field . I tried the below configuration but its not working for
me. Please guide me to configure dhcpv6 pool.

In below config "test1" is the client vrf .

class "vrftest1" {
       match if substring (v6relay(1, option dhcp6.vss) = "test1");
subnet6 2001:0:0:2::/64 {
   pool6 {
     allow members of "vrftest1";
     range6 2001:0:0:2::20 2001:0:0:2::200;
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