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Gregory Sloop gregs at
Fri Jul 17 22:02:09 UTC 2020

I'm trying to accomplish a "reservation" using omshell.

But just like Unicorns, Santa, and the Easter Bunny, I'm not sure it really exists!
Ok, ok. Yeah, it probably does - but I can't find an example anywhere that's confirmed to work.

This quote from long ago summarizes my feelings so far. [probably nearly everyone's, actually]

> involves a rather fragile and often misbehaving omshell
> process where the only "documentation" is half a mailing list thread
> from ten years ago 

So, from what I've gleaned, this is what I'm doing.
After you get into omshell
port xxx
server localhost
set ip-sddress= 

I get a listing of the lease for
Then it looks like I should use
set flag = 8
[And surprisingly the update takes. It feels like magic when you finally hit on the right incantation!]

So, my questions
1) Is setting flags = 8 the right thing to set for a reserved lease? (I'm guessing from that even less than half a thread from 10y ago.)

2) How can I tell if it actually took?

3) And perhaps realated to #2 - what's this mean in the lease: set remote-handle = %3; (I see that after setting flag = 8

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