MAC randomisation and DHCP pools

Bill Shirley bill at
Sun Jul 26 19:13:16 UTC 2020

Did you see my reply about:?
adaptive-lease-time-threshold 75;       # use min-lease-time when pool is above this percent


On 7/26/2020 8:40 AM, Mike Richardson wrote:
>> I think in the short term setting the lease time to 24 hours would free up
>> old leases after the MAC address changes, meaning the old client effectively
>> goes away. Public places like shopping malls, should already have shorter
>> leases due to the massive churn in clients, so it's not going to bother them
>> much.
> Thanks for the advice but I'm really trying to understand what the behaviour
> of DHCP would be in the original scenario (100 addresses, 50 clients, 7 days
> lease).
>>>> I'm just trying to evaluate the impact on things like DHCP, but I'm
>>>> not sure
>>>> about exactly what happens when pools are, sort of, exhausted.
> Thanks,
> Mike
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