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Jason Brooks jasonbbrooks at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 23:45:15 UTC 2020

Hello Bill,

At first I didn't understand, but now I do. Once I defined the pool
denying class members, I was able to get ip addresses in the
192.168.188.range. Thanks!

I began to run "dhcpd -d" and playing with the log output to see if my
substring statements were even making sense.

So with the circuit id substring statements, I wasn't comparing correctly.
It's not clear why 3.0.4 worked this way.  I needed the two bytes on the
far right side of the circuit id...thus

the lines:
     "and ( substring (option agent.circuit-id,2,2)="\x01\x2C" )"
     "and ( suffix ( option agent.circuit-id, 4) ="012C" )"

note the use of suffix rather than substring and the lack of "\x" inside
the double quotes.

So my next issue here is in the RegionX-BOOT-CPE-MODELx class declaration,
tftp-server-name is not being returned.  Whereas the boot filename is.  Why
not? Based on what I found 'tftp-server-name" should correspond to dhcp
option 66: defined in rfc2132.

I have noticed that it's hard to figure out which isc dhcpd options map to
those defined in the rfcs.  I found THIS table
<http://www.ipamworldwide.com/ipam/isc-dhcpv4-options.html>, which helps.
Is there a cross-reference like this in the isc dhcpd docs somewhere?

Enclosed is my updated, sanitized dhcpd.conf file with your suggested
alterations and a few more of my own.

Thank you thus far for your time!


On Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 11:51 AM Bill Shirley <
bill at c3po.polymerindustries.biz> wrote:

> So, the DISCOVER is not matching any of your classes.  Define another pool
> to issue
> leases from that doesn't match any class:
>      pool {
>         deny members of "RegionX-RGMGMT-CPE-MODELx";
>         deny members of "RegionX-BOOT-CPE-MODELx";
>         deny members of "RegionX-INET";
>         deny dynamic bootp clients;
>         authoritative;
>         range 192.168.xxx.2 192.168.xxx.15;
>     }
> This should issue a lease and trigger your 'on commit' log statement.
> Bill
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