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Do you manage your ISC DHCP server with the NameSurfer?
according to their website, it doesn’t seem to support that.

·         Supports DHCP products from FusionLayer, Microsoft and Nominum

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We use NameSurfer which is a low cost commercial offering, but the best is
Infoblox (which costs a lot more).

> On 5 Nov 2020, at 7:42 pm, ahiya <ahiya at> wrote:
> hi
> could anyone recommend a lite weight GUI for managing ISC?
> for monitoring and configuration tasks:
> - add/remove/modify subnets/pools
> -add/remove a reservation
> - monitor HA
> - subnets stats
> I've tried Webmin but when changing config with an error ends with service
> down without even notify of a config error.
> on the other hand, if you know of a heavy-duty tool that could manage
> several servers from AWS
> it's even better.
> ive tried some IPAM tools (men&mice) but the issue is that my distributed
> DHCP servers contain duplicate ip pools (different sites) and the ipam
> couldn't handle that
> ill appreciate any advice.
> thanks
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