multi interfaces(vlans) configuration

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Fri Oct 9 14:16:53 UTC 2020

> On 9 Oct 2020, at 07:02, sthaug at wrote:
>> ISC dhcpd needs to access the raw ethernet interface, so doesn't play
>> well with vlan sub-interfaces.
> "Doesn't play well with vlan sub-interfaces" may be the case for Linux.
> We're running ISC dcpd with multiple VLANs on FreeBSD, and it seems to
> work just fine.

I'm pretty certain I've done it with linux in the past. Does "raw packet" literally mean "packet from the NIC buffer", or does it mean "packet from the OS buffer after the OS has done the VLAN stuff" ?
Without any knowledge of how it's actually done, it would seem logical to me for the VLAN (and link aggregation/bonding) code to handle that aspect before squirting the packet into the packet buffer ready to go into the rest of the network stack. So tagged packet in -> tag stripped by VLAN code -> packet put into buffer as though it had been received that way (untagged) on that interface.


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