can dhcpd keep working when encountering a syntax error

Philippe Maechler plcmaechler at
Wed Sep 2 17:02:41 UTC 2020

we use the -t option (syntax check) to check if the conf file looks ok and
if so, then we restart the service. if the syntax is not ok, we report the
error by mail

the downside to this is, that the daemon reports the copyright notice and
an unexpirienced worker tought, that there is a problem because the service
was so often restarted. we did adjust the logging and now everything works


Pat Dery <patrick.fortin at> schrieb am Mi., 2. Sept. 2020,

> Hi
> is it possible to configure dhcpd to keep working when the dhcpd.conf
> contains a syntax error
> for example if someone enters the mac address : aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:gg by
> mistake
> at reload the whole service stops and can't restart until someone corrects
> the error
> we would like it if it would continue serving ip and reporting the error in
> the log file
> maybe a major warning in the log instead of stopping , something like that
> thanks
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