DDNS updates for zone having multiple primary servers

kraishak kraishak.edu at gmail.com
Fri Apr 2 10:26:05 UTC 2021

Hi Simon 
Thanks for reply,
>>I don't quite understand the question here, however ...
--->I am clear with zone section now, but have a doubt with domain-name

> Thanks for your explanation about the "option domain-name" and
> "ddns-domainname", So based on my network-level setup we configure this
> values, these values can be same or can be different

Regarding this, I am sorry I didn't complete my question, Actually my doubt
was can we configure like below
subnet netmask {
        pool {
               ddns-domainname "example.com";
                option domain-name "test.com";
                option routers;
                option subnet-mask;

        zone example.com.
 i.e  option domain-name is different and ddns-domainname is totally
different not like domain and sub-domain concept
I checked the dhcpd syntax it is not giving any error but want to cross
check is this can be a valid configuration?


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