DDNS updates for secondary DNS server

kraishak kraishak.edu at gmail.com
Tue Apr 27 09:30:01 UTC 2021

Hi Glenn

Thanks for reply,
 zone example.com.

I don't, think it tries to ever update the secondary
-----> So in a sample zone section adding secondary statement is of no
significant even if we add the valid secondary DNS server it will send
updated only to primary and if primary is down it will throw exceptions
unable to add forward/reverse map but it won't use the secondary server
definition from the zone section in dhcpd.conf, Please correct me if I am

 Also looks like something in your DNS config may not be quite right. In
dhcp your primary is, but it is trying to update and gets an error. 
----> was the client IP which the DHCP server gave to the
client from scope range

In a valid case when the primary is up, I am getting messages like below

Added new forward map from n0001-000001.example.com to where was the client IP

so I guess it is not issue with config



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