Maximum Time difference between DHCP primary and DHCP failover Server

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Tue Jan 19 11:34:17 UTC 2021

Hi Simon 

Thanks for Reply,

do you have a problem with timekeeping ? NTP will typically keep clocks
accurate to millisecond accuracy which is a few orders of magnitude better
than is needed for failover.
------->Actually I want add validation script so that for the given two
server address it can calculate the time difference and give me the results
for proceeding to add failover peer on not.
I checked in the ISC website documents but no where I can find what can be
the maximum time difference so I just want to know

Can you also please comment or share your experience if you have any, about
what could be the maximum network latency between the primary and failover
DHCP servers that does not impact the server performance 

-Thanks in advance

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