Maximum Time difference between DHCP primary and DHCP failover Server

Thomas Markwalder tmark at
Tue Jan 19 14:58:51 UTC 2021

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On 1/19/21 8:38 AM, kraishak wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> The primary challenge to failover performance, is that it is a synchronous
> protocol.  Servers are
> supposed to wait until their peers acknowledge that a least update has been
> received prior to sending the corresponding response (i.e. DHCPACK)to the
> client.
> ---> I have doubt about this topic, The dhcp failover protocol support lazy
> update right?
> server grants the leases for the client and updates the peer server after
> client lease acknowledgment, This is how it can operate even if the peer
> server is down, please correct if I am wrong
> -Thanks
> Kraishak
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