Missing files for ldap support on CVS repository

Rene Garcia rene.garcia at sogeti.com
Thu Apr 1 16:24:45 UTC 2010

   Oops! This is an internal error in our team. I made a point of  
synchronization yesterday between our CVS repository and ISC's one and  
I've simply forgotten those two files. Sorry, ISC CVS is up to date,  
not ours. Thomas is working with our internal CVS.


   Quoting Thomas PEGEOT <thomas.pegeot at sogeti.com>:

> Hello,
> I checked out from the CVS repository a few days ago, and noticed that some
> files related to the recently added ldap support were missing and therefore
> prevented compilation.
> Missing files:
> - ldap.c
> - ldap_casa.c
> Could add these files to the CVS repository please?
> Thank you in advance. ;)
> Have a nice day,
> Regards
> Thomas PEGEOT
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