Interface Discover issue in ISC DHCP 4.1.0

Cathy Almond cathya at
Tue Jan 5 08:54:20 UTC 2010

We've raised a bug report (#20788) for this.


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Yong Bo Hu wrote:
> Not sure whether it's fine to send this there.
> The scenario:
> Interface ETH0, has and only has IPv4: and IPv6 aaaa::cccc.  Now
> the IPv4 address is down, and the IPv6 address is up.  And ranges of
> and aaaa::/64  are configured.  Next start the DHCP server with
> IPv6(-6), the result is the ETH0 is skipped with no message in the log
> about this interface.     If the IPv4 is up, the ETH0 can be listened.
> After debug, I locate the code in discover.c:.
>         /* Skip non broadcast interfaces (plus loopback and
>            point-to-point in case an OS incorrectly marks them
>            as broadcast). Also skip down interfaces unless we're:
>            trying to get a list of configurable interfaces. */
>         if (((!(info.flags & IFF_BROADCAST) ||
>               info.flags & IFF_LOOPBACK ||)
>               info.flags & IFF_POINTOPOINT) && !tmp) ||
>             (!(info.flags & IFF_UP) &&
>              state != DISCOVER_UNCONFIGURED))
>             continue;
> On the surface, the interface can be listened depending on the state of
> IPv4 address when starting IPv6 DHCP, but it shouldn't.  The key point here
> is the IFF_BROADCAST flag, for ordinary IPv4 address, it's broadcast
> address valid, but for IPv6, which has not broadcast, but has multicast
> (IFF_MULTICAST), so i think it would need to differentiate the IPv4 and
> IPv6 when to check which interface needs to skip.
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> Andy
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