ISC DHCP 4.1.2b1 is now available

Shawn Routhier sar at
Tue Oct 12 21:28:00 UTC 2010

ISC DHCP 4.1.2b1 is now available for download.

This is the FIRST BETA of DHCP 4.1.2, a maintenance release which
contains a number of bug fixes.

This beta release contains a known flaw in the parsing of lease files
for DHCPv6.  Previously the max-life and preferred-life clauses
didn't include a semi-colon at the end of the line.  This was
fixed in this release but the parsing code was not updated
at the same time.  This results in a DHVPv6 server writing lease
files that the same server can't parse.  This will be fixed in
the next beta or rc release.

A list of the changes in this release has been appended to the end
of this message.  For a complete list of changes from any previous
release, please consult the RELNOTES file within the source
distribution, or on our website.

This release, and its OpenPGP-signatures are available now from:


ISC's Release Signing Key can be obtained at:

     Changes since 4.1.1

- Cleaned up some compiler warnings

- Prohibit including lease time information in a response to a DHCP
   INFORM Bug ticket 21092.

! Accept a client id of length 0 while hashing.  Previously the server
   would exit if it attempted to hash a zero length client id, providing
   attackers with a simple denial of service attack.  Bug ticket 21253.
   CERT: VU#541921 - CVE: CVE-2010-2156

- A bug was fixed that could cause the DHCPv6 server to
   advertise/assign a previously allocated (active) lease to a client
   that has changed subnets, despite being on different shared
   networks.  Dynamic prefixes specifically allocated in shared networks
   also now are not offered if the client has moved.  [ISC-Bugs #21152]

- Add declaration for variable in debug code in alloc.c.
   [ISC-Bugs #21472]

- Documentation cleanup covering multiple tickets
   [ISC-Bugs #20265] [ISC-Bugs #20259] [ISC-Bugs #19536] minor cleanup
   [ISC-Bugs #20263] add text describing some default values
   [ISC-Bugs #20193] single quotes at the start of a line indicate a
   control line to nroff, escape them if we actually want a quote.
   [ISC-Bugs #18916] sync the pointer to web pages amongst the different
   [ISC-Bugs #20107] clarify description of ia-pd and ia-prefix.
   [ISC-Bugs #20245] clarify editing the failover state in a lease file
   to put a server into the PARTNER-DOWN state.

- 'get-host-names true;' now also works even if
   'use-host-decl-names true;'
   was also configured.  The nature of this repair also fixes another
   error; the host-name supplied by a client is no longer overridden by
   a reverse lookup of the lease address.  Thanks to a patch from Wilco
   Baan Hofman supplied to us by the Debian package maintenance team.
   [ISC-Bugs #21691] {Debian Bug#509445}

- The .TH tag for the dhcp-options manpage was typo repaired
   thanks to a report from jidanni and the Debian package maintenance
   team.  [ISC-Bugs #21676] {Debian Bug#563613}

- More documentation changes - primarily to put the options in the
   dhclient and dhcpd man pages into the standard form.  Thanks in part
   to a patch from David Cantrell at Red Hat.
   [ISC-Bugs #20264] and parts of [ISC-Bugs #17744] dhclient.8 changes

- Minor compilation errors - type mismatches, extra semi-colons after
   macros [ISC-Bugs #20884] [ISC-Bugs #20953] [ISC-Bugs #20955]

- Add code to clear the pointer to an object in an OMAPI handle when the
   object is freed due to a dereference.  [ISC-Bugs #21306]

- Fixed a bug that leaks host record references onto lease structures,
   causing the server to apply configuration intended for one host to any
   other innocent clients that come along later.  [ISC-Bugs #22018]

- Minor code fixes
   [ISC-Bugs #19566] When trying to find the zone for a name for ddns
   allow the name to be at the apex of the zone.
   [ISC-Bugs #19617] Restrict length of interface name read from command
   line in dhcpd - based on a patch from David Cantrell at Red Hat.
   [ISC-Bugs #20039] Correct some error messages in dhcpd.c
   [ISC-Bugs #20070] Better range check on values when creating a DHCID.
   [ISC-Bugs #20198] Avoid writing past the end of the field when adding
   overly long file or server names to a packet and add a log message
   if the configuration supplied overly long names for these fields.
   Thanks to Martin Pala.
   [ISC-Bugs #21497] Add a little more randomness to rng seed in client
   thanks to a patch from Jeremiah Jinno.

- Correct error handling in DLPI [ISC-Bugs #20378]

- Remove __sun__ and __hpux__ typedefs in osdep.h as they are now being
   checked in configure.  [ISC-Bugs #20443]

- Modify how the cmsg header is allocated the v6 send and received
   routines to compile on more compilers.  [ISC-Bugs #20524]

- When parsing a domain name free the memory for the name after we are
   done with it.  [ISC-Bugs #20824]

- Add an elapsed time option to the release message and refactor the
   code to move most of the common code to a single routine.
   [ISC-Bugs #21171].

- Parse date strings more properly - the code now handles semi-colons in
   date strings correctly.  Thanks to a patch from Jiri Popelka at Red
   Hat. [ISC-Bugs #21501, #20598]

- Fixes to lease input and output.
   [ISC-Bugs #20418] - Some systems don't support the "%s" argument to
   strftime, paste together the same string using mktime instead.
   [ISC-Bugs #19596] - When parsing iaid values accept printable
   [ISC-Bugs #21585] - Always print time values in omshell as hex
   instead of ascii if the values happen to be printable characters.

- Minor changes for scripts, and Makefiles
   [ISC-Bugs #19147] Use domain-search instead of domain-name in manual
   and example conf file.  Thanks to a patch from David Cantrell
   at Red Hat.
   [ISC-Bugs #19761] Restore address when doing a rebind in DHCPv6
   [ISC-Bugs #19945] Properly close the quote on some arguments.
   [ISC-Bugs #20952] Add 64 bit types to
   [ISC-Bugs #21308] Add "PATH=" to CLIENT_PATH envrionment variable

! Handle pipe failures more gracefully.  Some OSes pass a SIGPIPE
   signal to a process and will kill the process if the signal isn't
   caught.  This patch adds code to turn off the SIGPIPE signal via
   a setsockopt() call and to ignore the SIGPIPE signal in case the
   OS doesn't support the necessary setsockopt() option.  This problem
   was found during internal testing when the two servers in a failover
   pair were repeatedly unable to communicate for longer than the
   max-response-delay value.  Eventually one of the pair attempted a
   write() call at just the same time as the other server killed the
   connection and caused an uncaught SIGPIPE signal which caused the
   OS to kill the server.
   This is a minor security issue.  It is a security issue as it can
   cause a server to stop.  It is minor as the attacker would need to
   be able to interrupt traffic between the partners in a failover
   pair for max-response-delay seconds at will - in which case the
   defender has bigger problems than the DHCP server being killed.
   Using the NIST CVSS security vulnerability rating system this
   issue scored 1.2, meaning it is not a major risk for users.
   [ISC-Bugs #22269]

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