ISC DHCP 4.2.2rc1 is now available for download

Shawn Routhier sar at
Thu Jul 14 22:58:52 UTC 2011

This is the first release candidate of ISC DHCP 4.2.2, a maintenance
release which contains a number of bug fixes.

A list of the changes in this release has been appended to the end
of this message.  For a complete list of changes from any previous
release, please consult the RELNOTES file within the source
distribution, or on our website:

This release, and its OpenPGP-signatures are available now from:

ISC's Release Signing Key can be obtained at:

We have made some changes to the interfaces code in order to
expand the use of USE_SOCKETS and would be interested in testing
and feedback to ensure that we have not damaged the rest of the
interfaces code.

                         Changes since 4.2.2b1

- Strict checks for content of domain-name DHCPv4 option can now be
   configured during compilation time. Even though RFC2132 does not allow
   to store more than one domain in domain-name option, such behavior is
   now enabled by default, but this may change some time in the future.
   See ACCEPT_LIST_IN_DOMAIN_NAME define in includes/site.h.
   [ISC-Bugs #24167]

- DNS Update fix. A misconfigured server could crash during DNS update
   processing if the configuration included overlapping pools or
   multiple fixed-address entries for a single address.  This issue
   affected both IPv4 and IPv6. The fix allows a server to detect such
   conditions, provides the user with extra information and recommended
   steps to fix the problem.  If the user enables the appropriate option
   in site.h then server will be terminated
   [ISC-Bugs #23595]

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