No Duid field in lease database

Amit at
Fri Aug 31 04:31:21 UTC 2012




In the lease database which is stored in "/var/lib/dhcpd/dhcpd6.leases",

there is no DUID field.


Is there any way to introduce DUID field into lease database so that ipv6

clients can be differentiated based on that field.



Why this is required is: I am planning to write a script which queries

dhcpd6.leases file to get the lease information of the clients and showing

them onto a portal for management.


Fields required are : clients DUID, ipv6 address leased, lease date ,

preferred and max-life time. All the fields except DUID are there in

dhcpd6.leases file.


Based on the above data, I also like to make client ipv6 address reservation

based on DUID.



Please suggest, or If it is there any other database which carries such

information, please let me know the way to query that lease database.




Thanks & Regards


Amit Kumar

Scientific Officer

Operation and Routing Group

M/O Communication and IT, NIC A- Block, CGO Complex, New Delhi

Ph. 24305091


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