ISC DHCP 4.2.6 is now available

Shawn Routhier sar at
Tue Feb 4 01:10:40 UTC 2014

ISC DHCP 4.2.6 is now available for download.

This is the release of 4.2.6, a maintenance release for 4.2.
A list of the changes in this release has been appended to the end
of this message.  For a complete list of changes from any previous
release, please consult the RELNOTES file within the source
distribution, or on our website:

In order to use libraries from BIND, the ISC DHCP 4.2 distribution
contains an entire copy of the BIND source tree.  ISC is aware of
an issue with the included version of BIND that may affect customers
using mixed-case zone data if they have clients that do not conform
to standard DNS query practices.  However, the functions used by the
DHCP server are not affected by these potential issues.  Some customers
may choose to build BIND from the source included with DHCP for use as
a nameserver.  If you intend to do so, please review for
more info on the case compression issue.

This release, and its OpenPGP-signatures are available now from:


ISC's Release Signing Key can be obtained at:

                        Changes since 4.2.6rc1

- None

                        Changes since 4.2.6b1

- Tidy up receive packet processing.
  Thanks to Brad Plank of GTA for reporting the issue and suggesting
  a possible patch.
  [ISC-Bugs #34447]

                        Changes since 4.2.5

- Address static analysis warnings.
  [ISC-Bugs #33510] [ISC-Bugs #33511]

- Silence benign static analysis warnings.
  [ISC-Bugs #33428]

- Add check for 64-bit package for atf.
  [ISC-BUGS #32206]

- Removed unused variable. Presence of this variable caused build error
  when the --enable-delated-ack configuration option was specified.
  [ISC-BUGS #32701]

- Use newer auto* tool packages and turn on RFC_3542 support on Mac OS.
  [ISC-Bugs #26303]

- Remove a variable when it isn't being used due to #ifdefs to avoid
  a compiler warning on Solaris using GCC.
  [ISC-Bugs #33032]

- Add a check for too much whitespace in a config or lease file.
  Thanks to Paolo Pellegrino for finding the issue and a suggestion
  for the patch.
  [ISC-Bugs #33351]

- Added a sleep call after killing the old client to allow time
  for the sockets to be cleaned.  This should allow the -r option
  to work more consistently.
  [ISC-Bugs #18175]

- Missing files for ISC DHCP Developer's Guide are now included in
  the release tarballs. To generate this documentation, please use
  make devel command in doc directory. [ISC-Bugs #32767]

- Update client script for use with openwrt.
  [ISC-Bugs #29843]

- Fix the socket handling for DHCPv6 clients to allow multiple instances
  of a client on a single machine to work properly.  Previously only
  one client would receive the packets.  Thanks to Jiri Popelka at Red Hat
  for the bug report and a potential patch.
  [ISC-Bugs #34784]

- Added support for gentle shutdown after signal is received.
  [ISC-Bugs #32692] [ISC-Bugs 34945]

- Enhance the DHCPv6 server logging to include the addresses that are assigned
  to the clients.  This can be enabled by defining LOG_V6_ADDRESSES in site.h.
  [ISC-Bugs #26377]

- Fix an operation in the DDNS code to be a bitwise instead of logical or.
  [ISC-Bugs #35138]

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