Next ISC DHCP maintenance release scheduled for Sept 1

Victoria Risk vicky at
Tue Jun 2 17:28:49 UTC 2015

Hello DHCP workers,

We are currently working on ISC DHCP 4.3.3 and 4.1-ESV-R12.  This will go to beta August 4th, with final release scheduled for September 1, approsimately a 6 month cycle following our last maintenance release. We are planning to give a full month for beta, and not issue a release candidate in order to provide more time for beta testing.

This is a maintenance release, so the focus is on bug fixing. 
We have already incorporated a patch contributed by BlueCat Networks that has a positive impact on performance, particularly for those using a ram disk and/or with fsync disabled. For anyone wanting a preview, that is in our public git entitled "Add support for manipulating lease queues via a binary search."
We are planning to address a number of issues that impact the LDAP integration, as we have observed from the mailing lists that there is a lot of user interest in LDAP.
We have a significant contributed feature that we are trying to integrate, that would support DHCPv4 over DHCPv6. We are having to do quite a bit of work to adapt this, but if it is included, it would be if/def-ed out and off by default to minimize risk to the release.
We will include more fixes aimed at accomplishing shared libraries with BIND9 (so you won’t need to package older versions of BIND to support ISC DHCP). This work may not be completed until ISC DHCP 4.4.
We want to give all our users, packagers and OEMs advance notice to enable you to plan.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to begin looking at our new DHCP server, Kea, as well. Kea is well-documented modern code, has an open bug database, and is easily extensible. We plan to ship Kea 0.92 this summer, and version 1.0 by the end of 2015. <> is the project web site.

Thank you

Vicky Risk
Product Manager
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