Problem with DHCPv4 (version 4.2.2)

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Thu Aug 24 09:12:53 UTC 2017


I'm using ISC DHCPv4 Server 4.2.2 for docsis purpose.
We are having problem with some CM-s (not all) , remains in state init(d) , do not get ip address.

>From the logs we see that the modem gets ip address and release it, and this ip is assigned to another modem.
But the modem still request the old ip address.
The problem happens every week on tuesday.

Some critical logs :

Aug 22 10:23:48 dhcp2 dhcpd: Received DHCPv4 packet without client-id option and empty hlen field.
Aug 22 10:23:48 dhcp2 dhcpd: Impossible condition at dhcpleasequery.c:492.
Aug 22 10:23:48 dhcp2 dhcpd: DHCPDISCOVER from 5c:35:3b:08:93:44 via
Aug 22 10:23:48 dhcp2 dhcpd: ICMP Echo reply while lease valid.
Aug 22 10:23:48 dhcp2 dhcpd: Abandoning IP address pinged before offer

The problem is fixed after reseting all connections between cm-cmts or if we assign ip address statically.

It looks like dhcp lease file do not keep the records.
It's very strange problem.

Before that i use version 3.5.1 and we don't have any problem.

Thanks in advance ,


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