Vendor Class and Vendor Specific Options for ISC

Sumant Gupta sumantgupta at
Fri Oct 27 04:26:34 UTC 2017


I am using ISC dhcpv6 server version 4.2.4 on Ubuntu.

My server config. file dhcpd6.conf has these lines:
       option dhcp6.vendor-opts
           00:00:XX:XX:   # where XX:XX is the enterprise-number

My client is sending OPTION_VENDOR_CLASS(16) to server with the
correct enterprise-number, but the isc dhcp server doesn't send the
data that is part of dhcp6.vendor-opts(in option 17) in the config.

Can somebody please let me know if I am missing something here ?

I also went through the code in Tables.c
#if 0
    /* XXX: user-class contents are of the form "StA" where the
     * integer describes the length of the text field.  We don't have
     * an atom for pre-determined-length octet strings yet, so we
     * can't quite do these two.
    { "user-class", "X",            &dhcpv6_universe, 15, 1 },
    { "vendor-class", "X",            &dhcpv6_universe, 16, 1 },

Does this mean the server doesn't parse option 16 ?

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