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Hello ISC DHCP users and workers-

DHCP Repo Moved
We have migrated the ISC DHCP primary repository to

Some of you may have been using the repo at we plan to remove that in the near future. If this will cause a hardship that would be allieviated by a delay of a few weeks, please let me know asap. 

Gitlab has become our primary tool for source code control. It has several advantages for users. There is an integrated issue tracker, which is open to the public, and we can accept pull requests for patches. We do not plan to migrate the 20 years of bug report history currently on to gitlab. If there is an issue you have submitted to for ISC DHCP, and it is still a problem in a currently-supported version, please re-open the issue on gitlab at

Gitlab has proven to be a much better tool for engaging with the community - we adopted Gitlab first for BIND, and then migrated Kea. We think you will find it is easier to use than our old repo and bug tracker. Browsing ISC’s open source and issues in our gitlab instance is open to anyone, but in order to open or comment on issues, you must create an account at If you are potential patch contributor, please see the newly updated ISC DHCP Contributor’s Guide at

DHCP and Kea
We have been saying for several years now that Kea is planned to eventually supplant ISC DHCP.  Kea is gaining traction as a good DHCP server solution for IPv6 environments, and seems to be particularly popular in enterprise datacenters and with greenfield regional access providers, for fiber to the home, or residential cable services. However, we realize that enterprise networks are much more complicated, with many more legacy devices and legacy requirements, and many of you are dreading a migration to Kea. 

We cannot add significant new functionality to ISC DHCP.  Given the state of ISC DHCP ’testability’ we will not be adding any major new features to ISC DHCP. However if it is meeting your needs, you can relax and keep using it for a while longer. We will keep maintaining it, following up on reports of security vulnerabilities and severe issues, and providing professional support, at least through the end of 2020. 

Meanwhile, we realize ISC DHCP users wanting to migrate to Kea will need some help. We have a work-in-progress - a migration utility to translate ISC DHCP configuration files into partial Kea configuration files.  This is not ‘finished’ or documented yet, but if you would like to try it out, it will help you identify how much of your current ISC DHCP configuration will readily ‘translate’ into Kea. The migration assistant is a special version of ISC DHCP.  The code is in a branch off of the ISC DHCP main branch, If you try it and find problems, please open an issue in the ISC DHCP gitlab.  You might also want to consult a list of issues that potentially block ISC DHCP users from migrating to Kea that we are keeping in the Kea project gitlab:

DHCP and the KB
Some of you have noticed that we have moved our old knowledgebase to a new platform (it is still at We have also posted all of the ISC DHCP man pages there for easy reference. For example:

Finally, I wanted to mention that we very much appreciate all the community support you are offering to each other.  A few of you are frequent and authoritative contributors on the ISC-DHCP users mailing list, helping others solve their problems, and the time and energy you spend on that is very much appreciated.

Victoria Risk
Product Manager
Internet Systems Consortium
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