INN 2.2.1 rejects Message-IDs ending in dot

Patrick J. LoPresti patl at
Mon Dec 6 19:28:13 UTC 1999

I have a local mail->news gateway.  The gateway is bidirectional, so I
wish to preserve Message-IDs (as much as I can) when posting mail as

One of our user's mail clients is generating Message-IDs like this
(note the trailing dot):

        <some-stuff at>

His machine is configured with a fully-qualified hostname, complete
with trailing dot.  The trailing dot is causing INN to reject the
Message-ID as malformed.

I have asked him to change his configuration, but INN's behavior here
looks overly stringent to me.  As I read RFC 1036, it should be legal
to use a fully-qualified name after the @.  (Heck, pedantically
speaking, the trailing dot is required for a name to be
fully-qualified in the first place.)  So I think INN ought to accept
Message-IDs like this.

Thanks for your time (and thanks for INN!).

 - Pat

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