expireindex.c について

Hitoshi Yamanaka yamanaka at dakai.cs.fujitsu.co.jp
Fri Nov 5 09:50:24 UTC 1999


I am now working on transfer to INN2.2.1 from INN1.4 
for avoiding Y2K problem.

And I used expireindex to make overview database, 
but I've got a little bit strange result.

I executed below:

  news% makehistory -x -t h  -O -I /tmp/file.nnn
  news% sort -T /tmp -t' ' +1 -2 /tmp/file.nnn | expireindex -a -o -z

and some articles in /tmp/file.nnn didn't exist in overview database, so
cannot see those through nnrp.

I inspected to expireindex.c, and I found some odd code.
The expireindex program sorts by article number in LISTsort,
but also in RefreshLines at the below line:

    qsort((POINTER)ARTnumbers, (SIZE_T)ARTsize, sizeof(ARTLIST), ARTcompare);

I think LISTsort is meanless. 
Isn't it?

Maybe, this problem wouldn't occur if the above file /tmp/file.nnn
didn't have duplicated articles. I cannot grab the cause of the
duplicated articles though...

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