Patch for Distribution header problem

Clifton Royston cliftonr at
Fri Nov 19 19:16:50 UTC 1999

On Fri, Nov 19, 1999 at 05:38:16AM +0000, Andrew Gierth wrote:
> Specifically, CommaSplit(",") should return { "", "", NULL }.
> The bug, I suspect, is really here:
> 	if (ME.Distributions
> 	 && !DISTwantany(ME.Distributions, distributions)) {
> 	    (void)sprintf(buff, "%d Unwanted distribution \"%s\"",
> 		    MaxLength(distributions[0], distributions[0]));
> because DISTparse can cause distributions[0] to be NULL if all the
> fields returned from CommaSplit are empty, and MaxLength (prior to
> your other patch) explodes if passed a NULL pointer.

  This is actually where it blew up and I caught it in gdb, yes.

  I wasn't about to try to set up a test-rig where I could feed that
case through innd and test it in situ, but I made the wrong assumption
about where the program went astray.

  I hadn't read through it enough to realize that DISTparse would
actually rewrite the contents of distributions[] as a side-effect, so I
assumed that distributions[0] was also NULL before the call.

  Hmmm, if DISTparse is taking a non-null pointer, and returning a null
pointer, is that a possible memory leak?

> Notice that this only kicks in if ME.Distributions is set; if you have
> no distributions on your ME line then nothing bad seems to happen.

  Yes, I considered dumping distributions out of our conf file as well,
but decided it was safer to fix the source.  (It's a good thing I
thought it prudent to fix MaxLength as well.)

> I'd suggest either
> 	if (ME.Distributions
> +        && distributions[0]

  That looks good.  I'll roll it in.

> 	 && !DISTwantany(ME.Distributions, distributions)) {
> 	    (void)sprintf(buff, "%d Unwanted distribution \"%s\"",
> 		    MaxLength(distributions[0], distributions[0]));
> which will treat an article with no non-empty distributions as a
> wanted article, or just use your patch to MaxLength if you prefer
> to reject such articles.

  The patch to MaxLength is important on its own, because it appears to
be called for logging in a variety of error cases, and there's
therefore a reasonable likelihood of a bug somewhere else triggering a
call to MaxLength with a null pointer.

  If I could (humbly) suggest some variation of that patch for the inn
mainstream, please consider it.

> -- 
> Andrew.

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