Patch for for SCO OpenServer 5.0.X and UnixWare 7.1.0

Russ Allbery rra at
Tue Nov 23 01:42:06 UTC 1999

Boyd Lynn Gerber (801) 250-O795 Work <gerberb at> writes:

> On OpenServer 5.0.X the -belf flag is needed to get elf code generated.
> You can not build shared libs with out elf code on SCO.  SCO cc and the
> old gcc have to have the -belf flag, while egcs gcc 1.1.2 and gcc 2.95.1
> do not need it.  I have seen the flag added for compile and missing for
> linking.  That is why I have it do the things it is.  Also with UnixWare
> 7.1.0 there is not alloca function with out the -Kalloca.  Also to use
> threads with UnixWare 7.1.0 you have to use the native compiler.

The current development version of INN is now using libtool 1.3.3, which
seems to have native support for -belf both with compiling and linking; I
think it now takes care of this with a libtool build (and it shouldn't
matter for a static build).  I've rolled the UnixWare compiler flag
settings into the host-specific section of our configure script, based on
config.guess output (which has also been updated to libtool 1.3.3).

If you get a chance, could you try a current snapshot from
/isc/inn/snapshots (wait a day so that my latest commits will make it into
the tree) and check that it still compiles correctly on OpenServer and
UnixWare?  Thanks!

> The problem is I have seen a different version of config.guess and
> config.sub on every program that uses autoconf.  I am sick and tired of
> trying to get these to all be the same.  I only want to fix the broken
> stuff with SCO OpenServer and UnixWare.

Yeah, that's reasonable.  I see that the checks changed between the
version of config.guess that came with autoconf 2.13 and the one that came
with libtool 1.3.3.

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