Problem with bad distribution

Russ Allbery rra at
Fri Nov 26 05:23:49 UTC 1999

Ralf Weber <fl1ger at> writes:

> Innd now fails about two minutes after it start and I believe that this
> is caused by bad article with a wrong distribution send by one of our
> peers.  I first believed that it was caused by the somewhat exotic
> cycbuff setup I used (I use mirrored raw devicese on Solaris). But after
> I setup another server with the recent snapshot relaeas of 2.2 on
> another solaris box I encounterd the same problem.

Thanks for your report; there was a bug in the Distribution header parsing
code that failed on articles with "Distribution: ,".  This bug has been
fixed in current STABLE snapshots available form and an INN
2.2.2 release should be out before too much longer.

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