inews addr comparison

Steve Campbell steve at avalon.Dartmouth.EDU
Mon Sep 20 19:01:26 UTC 1999


After years and years of running version 1 of INN, I just brought up version 
2.2.1 on a DEC Alpha running Digital UNIX V4.0D. It's going great. No compile 
problems and so far it's running like a champ. Nice work.

Here's one item that might be a bug (it is for us) or might be a conscious 
decision. In frontends/inews.c, Revision:, at line 368 you find this 

    /* Is the right person cancelling? */
    if (!EQ(localfrom, remotefrom)) {
                "Article was posted by \"%s\" and you are \"%s\".\n",
                remotefrom, localfrom);

Since we are basically comparing email addresses, I would argue that the EQ 
should be a caseEQ, ie the comparison should be case-insensitive. This bit us. 
I will probably make the change unless you have a reason not to.

						Steve Campbell
						Dartmouth College

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