innd crashes on Bytes header in feed

Boudewijn Visser visser at
Mon Sep 20 21:24:19 UTC 1999


I'm having the following problem with inn 2.2.1 (also seen with 2.2, and
even 1.7 ).

innd crashes (SEGV) when it is fed an article with the Bytes header.
I'm not sure if the Bytes header in the problem articles is correct
or not, but in either case it is IMHO a bug, as a program should
not crash on invalid input.

It happens both with a normal feed (IHAVE) and a streaming feed. 
(using innxmit host file-with-articles, not innfeed ).

My system is x86 Linux, running kernel 2.2.7 . inn 2.2.1 the release from, compiled with perl support (configure --with-perl )

The normal storage methode (/var/spool/<> ) is used, not cnfs. 
The crash happens directly after the body of the article is fed. 

[root at pii visser]# ~news/bin/innxmit -d -v localhost /home/visser/batch-crash 
< 200 pii InterNetNews server INN 2.2.1 25-Aug-1999 ready
>mode stream
< 203 StreamOK.
> check <nodup000b8d9b.71975044 at>
< 238 <nodup000b8d9b.71975044 at>
> takethis <nodup000b8d9b.71975044 at>
> [ article 964 ]
> .
No reply to check, Illegal seek
Nothing sent -- leaving batchfile alone.
localhost stats offered 1 accepted 0 refused 0 rejected 0
localhost times user 0.010 system 0.000 elapsed 0.312

I'm not sure how the article got through in the first place, but perhaps
the problem occurs after some headers have been added like Xref .
(I suck news to one box, and then feed another. This is when I noticed it. )

Added is one article that causes innd to crash on my system.

I hope you can look into this. If more information is needed on my system,
or if I need to try some changes, please let me know. 

TIA, Regards, Boudewijn Visser
visser at

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